About Harlow's

I must say my passion for all things vintage is a bit extreme. I feel a strong connection with past decades and everything that came from them. I find the music, the decor, the cars and most of all the clothing, have more beauty.

My friends and I would go to second hand shops in high school simply because we wanted to find unique clothing to be a bit different from the rest. I really started to appreciate the construction, unique prints and silhouettes from the past. For me that's where it all began. Now it is a true passion. My heart races and my eyes light up when I am immersed in vintage.

I have been selling vintage clothing on line for over 10 years now. Everything in my shop is handpicked by me for its unique qualities, condition and wearabilty. I wouldn't put anything in the shop that I wouldn't wear myself.

Harlow's is for the girl that loves to have fun mixing vintage with modern pieces. It's the girl that wants to be unique when getting dressed and has the sense of style to know how to wear vintage.

Thank you for stopping by. Have fun browsing, because it's the best part (the thrill of the hunt). I hope you find something you LOVE as much as I did when I found it.

~ Harlow's Vintage